Fishing Hook Bracelet Fish Hook

Fishing Hook Bracelet Instructions


What these steps will guide you to do is loosen a knot for it to slide. 

First, notice there are two knots. This style of knot is called a slip knot. The knot made onto the “O Ring” of the hook, you will not need to touch, therefore, ignore.

We will, be focusing on the slip knot that is on the arch of the hook.

Second, grab the loose tail (the little part that comes out) and pull the hook in opposite ways. You will be pulling both ends. This will help you loosen the knot. It may not slide too smooth because this is leather material, but give it a little shrug and it will begin to loosen up.

Once you see it separating, you can actually pinch the one of the sides loosened lines and slide it out that way. Make the loop you are creating as big as you need it to be to fit.

Third, slide the loop out of the hook. Place the hook on your wrist and wrap the string around your wrist enough times to fit comfortably.  Hook the loop back onto the hook; and adjust the knot for the bracelet to be fitted. 


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